Innovation with expertise from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. I use my many years of industrial experience in research and development to manufacture nutritional supplements.

We provide advice and service. Our mutual success brings a well thought-out product that stands out from the market. The dietary supplement market requires flexible and quick action. Recognizing new trends and bringing products to market in a very short time requires professional action. We implement the given schedule in a goal-oriented manner. We consider the product development of the new product or a product optimization with all details. Nothing is left to chance.

Joint success with our customers through efficient products in the perfect shape and composition. Formulation development and the production of tablets are our passion.

There is a wide variety of different tablets to choose from. Oblong tablets with and without film coating, chewable tablets with flavor. A hard oblong tablet is stable and has a long shelf life, is easy to swallow and then quickly disintegrates in the stomach. Chewable tablets with a pleasant natural taste bring the taste experience of high-quality fruit powder.

We use innovative raw materials for special tablets. In the case of poorly water-soluble lipophilic (fat-soluble) raw materials, the absorption capacity (bioavailability) in the intestine is low. That is why we use innovative cyclodextrin complexes. Inside the cyclodextrin cage structure is the lipophilic molecule. This improves the water solubility and the bioavailability is increased considerably.